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Friday, July 29, 2016
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View the indicators in the framework of the CBD Strategic Plan 2002-2010

The CBD has identified 17 headline line indicators from seven focal areas for assessing progress towards, and communicating the 2010 target at a global level (Decision VII/30). Each headline indicator may be made up of a composite of indicators. Many of the biodiversity indicators are fully developed and ready for immediate use at the global scale, whilst others require further development and testing. Although developed principally for global use, a number of the indicators can be disaggregated to assess biodiversity trends at regional, national and sub-national scales.

These indicators are being developed by a wide range of organizations, including UN agencies, research institutes and universities, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). For more information about the various Partners brought together by the 2010 Biodiversity Indicators Partnership click here.

Headline indicators and indicators can be viewed in the table below. Click on a headline indicator/indicator to find out information on the reasoning behind the indicator, its current development status, the way the indicator will be presented, how it can be interpreted, and lots more. To view a summary table of the indicator framework click here.

Linked Indicators

Each of the CBD indicators presently exists in isolation. 

New work conducted by the 2010 BIP links indicators together to improve understanding and communication.



Focal Area: Status and trends of the components of biodiversity
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Focal Area: Sustainable Use



Focal Area: Threats To Biodiversity


Focal Area: Ecosystem Integrity and ecosystem goods and services



Focal Area: Status of Traditional knowledge, innovations and practices

Focal Area: Status Of Access And Benefit Sharing

Focal Area: Status of resource transfers

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